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Finding a tutor
Tutor Ads helps you find the best tutor for you or for your child. We serve both target masses students & parents to find a tutor who is local & who imparts knowledge in a way with which the student grasps the most. We have seen cases where students outsource their homework and go to practice baseball or basketball and just don't concentrate on their studies. We strongly condemn this and advise that the students should try to grasp the topic instead of just getting the homework done.

We understand that there are many different styles of learning and we encourage tutors to adopt a learning style which is convenient for the student. Some of the learning styles which we encourage are auditory, kinesthetic/tactile and visual. Students have shown positive results in learning when one of these styles is implied on them to learn & understand the lessons. There are also concepts of multiple intelligences such as bodily-kinesthetic, interpersonal, interpersonal, linguistic, logical-mathematical, musical & spacial intelligence.

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