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Online Learning & Self-Development
We now use the internet and the world wide web for a whole host of purposes, some of which would have been beyond anyone’s imaginings only a decade ago. But although we now use the internet for entertainment, it is still very much a place for finding information and for learning. Whether you are preparing for graduate school or learning to cook, mastering a new language or improving your chess game, the internet has online learning possibilities for you and your family. Online tutoring, learning resources and feedback can be found in almost any subject and in almost any hobby area.

In today’s world, with its stresses, fast pace and time pressures, there seems to be less and less time available for ourselves and for personal development. Online learning offers a helping hand in this scenario, because it makes it easy for busy people to expand their horizons. That could be for career purposes: many ambitious people have the option of doing courses to brush up their skills and plug skills gaps, in order to enhance their job prospects.

Online learning is not only about the worlds of education and work, however. Online courses and personalized help from online tutors are available in other areas too. That includes leisure activities and hobbies. With video and audio links easy to set up and typically free, computer-to-computer, the internet offers new possibilities for communication and learning. Dedicated career chasers can be more rounded people by taking courses in subjects or leisure pastimes – and because online learning eliminates commuting, is ideal for anyone – worker, parent, college student – who is short on time for personal development.

Online learning has many forms and a huge range of possibilities. As well as one-to-one, personalized online tutoring, online communities around topics of shared interest are rewarding to participate in. Study communities are one example, but people eager to make a contribution to good causes will also find opportunities online. For people with the will to help others, online tutoring of needy or struggling students is a rewarding and satisfying thing to do. For those with a passion for their subject, whether that is collecting matchbooks or arranging flowers, the internet offers online learning and teaching opportunities in equal measure, that will allow enthusiasts to promote the subject they feel passionate about.

The words ‘online tutoring’ often summon up images of school students needing homework help or catch-up tutoring, or help with test prep and college and grad school entrance examinations. As online learning evolves – as it is doing all the time – the possibilities expand ever further. Online learning environments are no longer simply internet classrooms, but offer all of us possibilities for self-development and self-improvement. Online tutoring and mentoring allows people, who might otherwise not have the time or the mobility, to get involved in their communities and in world issues as never before. Though much online tutoring is indeed geared to student tests and exams, learning for personal growth, and for self-realization, is not something to be ignored.

Whether it is taking courses or enlisting an online tutor for help in a subject or pastime that gives personal satisfaction, or offering online tutoring help to others, we can all benefit from the interactive possibilities that the 
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